Maggie Sottero Classic Styles

  • Melanie 4MS061.
  • Briony 4MW012.
  • Savannah Marie 4MW060.
  • Emma 13533.
  • Brandy 4MS884.
  • Bronwyn 12623.
  • Helen 4MD013.
  • Debra 4MS042.
    • Rosabel 4MW851.
    • Ezra 4MT939.
    • Cynthia 4MS854.
    • Hannah 4MS901.
    • Belinda 4MW039.
    • Glenda 4MS961.
    • Janice 4MS855.
    • Selma 4MS948.
    • Nadia 3ME766.
    • Zendaya 4MD848.
    • Carlo 4MS024.
    • Esme 3MS745.
    • Corbin 4MT028.
    • Sahara 4MC832.
    • Delores 4MS843.
    • Cassidy 3MD737.
    • Lourdes 4MS971.
    • Sasha 4MS977.
    • Tyler 4MT943.
    • Prudence 4MZ038.
    • Francesca 4MS997.
    • Alicia 4MS993.
    • Bryce 4MC897.
    • Fleur 4MW026.
    • Dawson 4MT921.
    • Marianne 3MS763.
    • Haven 4MT892.
    • Lorie S5300.
    • Nancy 4MD889.
    • Janelle 4MS842.
    • Wendy 4MT852.
    • Velma 4MW891.
    • Joelle 4MS062CS.
    • Violet 13633.
    • Nora A3443.
    • Bethany 4MC025.
    • Jessica 4MS912.
    • Savannah 4MW989.
    • Gemma 4MW005.
    • Palartzo 4MC861.
    • Felicity 4MS924.
    • Maurine 4MS959.
    • Kiana 4MD009.
    • Carmen 4MS011.
    • SaBelle A3227.
    • Ambrosia A3365.
    • Aleah 3MD786.
    • Priscilla J1452.
    • MonalisaRoyale V7018.
    • Victoriana J1082.
  • [ALT] 50+

When a woman thinks about her wedding, she obviously imagines herself in an incredible bridal gown, something she has dreamed about for so long and something that will make her feel like the most special bride in the world.

That’s why, choosing the perfect wedding dress is fundamental, and one of the most important parts of wedding planning, so we’re going to make it a little easier for you by showing you some best selling designs by Maggie Sottero. Stunning dresses with a romantic and luxurious touch, made with exceptional fabrics and in diverse styles so that every woman can find her ideal look. Created with different cuts, incredible backs and with beautiful lace adding transparencies to really accentuate sensuality and femininity.

If you haven’t yet seen the classic styles by Maggie Sottero, what are you waiting for? Have a look through this beautiful gallery and make one of these designs the dress of your dreams!

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