Midi buns and up-dos: The best of bridal hair for 2015

Midi buns and up-dos: The best of bridal hair for 2015

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Midi or midway up-dos are worn above the back of neck but not too high up. This type of hairstyle is great for brides who want to have their hair up on their wedding day, but perhaps aren’t used to wearing it this way too often. It’s the perfect halfway house. This type of up-do is stylish, elongates the neck and focuses attention onto the upper part of the wedding dress, so if you’re wearing a high neck or a transparent neckline, this hairstyle is perfect. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it’s simple to create, tends to hold in place quite well and suits most brides whether you’re looking for a formal or a more casual look.

In this gallery we want to show you some ideas as to how you can wear your hair in this way and combine it with cute accessories and hairpieces. We think it’s super stylish and ideal for en-trend brides for 2015!

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