Matching couples for a match made in wedding heaven

Matching couples for a match made in wedding heaven

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All couples have that special connection, and it’s quite common for couples to meet over their mutual love of something, be it a hobby they both share, a workout at the gym or at a gig of a certain band they both love.

It’s a fact, couples have many things in common and this grows the longer you’re together and experience new things as a couple. Your love of sushi, your love of horror movies and even your love of renaissance art, but how about your love of wearing the same thing?

OK, we don’t want to creep you out here, and we’re not going to suggest matching onesies, but we think matching couples on their wedding day is cute and cool. We don’t just mean the obvious groom’s waistcoat and bride’s bouquet, we mean going all out and matching accessories and colours.

Have a look at the fun couples in our gallery and get matching! We think it makes for some fab wedding photos.

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