Maggie Sottero 2015: Femininity and glamour at its best

  • Amarosa 5MS697.
  • Noelle 5MB657.
  • Fredricka 5MT670.
  • Miela 5MT654.
  • Melissa 5MT652.
  • Darija 5MW646.
  • Dallasandra 5MT648.
  • Sybil 5MS701.
    • Winstyn 5MS694.
    • Rachelle 5MS645.
    • Katiya 5MS702.
    • Sundance 5MN711.
    • Tiffany 5MT651.
    • Trudy 5MT655.
    • Magnolia 5MN695.
    • Ravenna 5MN650.
    • Alanis 5MT674.
    • Jeanette 5MR603.
    • Caitlyn 5MD611.
    • Barbie 5MR709.
    • Vaughn 5MT663.
    • Marigold 5MN656.
    • Maloree 5MB713.
    • Cerise 5MD677.
    • Josephine 5MB681.
    • Marnie 5MN672.
    • Svetlana 5MC629.
    • Olympia 5MC658.
    • Luella 5MT664.
    • Bobbi 5MW707.
    • Azura 5MC688.
    • Regina 5MS689.
    • Pierce 5MN690.
    • Almudena 5MC661.
    • Elka 5MT676.
    • Tenley 5MT659.
    • Leandra 5MW667.
    • Sareya 5MW700.
    • Keslynn 5MN696.
    • Delphina 5MR708.
    • Evianna 5MS673.
    • Hattie 5MT699.
    • Astonia 5MS706.
    • Nanette 5MW647.
    • Carlynne 5MR605.
    • Betty 5MS619.
    • Leandra Marie 5MW667SA.
    • Marguerite 5MS643.
    • Roxanne 5MN691.
    • Cambridge 5MT687.
    • Kennedy 5MT710.
    • Aliyah 5MS668.
  • [ALT] 44+

The Maggie Sottero Bridal Collection for 2015, photographed in a romantic and enchanting setting certainly enhances the look and style of each design. Seeing a bridal dress presented in all its glamorous glory certainly helps you to envisage how ‘bride like’ you would look in a Maggie Sottero dress.

The 2015 collection offers a variety of details and fabrics to cater for all brides searching for perfection with fine embellishment, lace trimming or precious pearls. From the attention to the tiniest of details to the shape of the design, you can be sure to enjoy perusing the 2015 Maggie Sottero Fall Collection and successfully finding a dress that you can fall in love with all over again, as much as you did with your fiancée.

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