Lyn Ashworth 2019: Classical Bridal Elegance From A British Staple

Lyn Ashworth's 2019 Collection is original and romantic, and the perfect place to look for your wedding dress today! Check out the whole collection here.

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Lyn Ashworth has been a household name for the British bridal industry for three decades, and yet year after year still manages to better that which has come before. And the 2019 Pure Love Collection is no exception to this tried-and-tested rule, with the new range of gowns showing off a genteel elegance that is as feminine as it is romantic, with just a hint of summertime, boho-chic style. Couture has never looked so good, and so we’re delighted to show off the newest collection from one of the most esteemed designers in the UK.

Pure Love 2019 is a fantastic mix of classic bridal cuts with new features, including skinny black ribbon belts, and high necks. However, the aforementioned boho-chic touch is perhaps our favourite part of this new collection – for example, the first time we saw the Byrkley gown, we immediately saw someone like Florence Welch wearing it. Most couture collections stick to the bridal traditions, but this is where Lyn Ashworth proves their experience by pushing the boat out to create something a little different – and definitely succeeds!

However, there are still some staple ingredients included within this collection. The use of ballgown skirts is expertly done, with the lightest fabrics used to create ethereal, flowing gowns. Additionally, lace overlays are regularly used, with the Barton gown reminding us of Kate Middleton’s beautiful wedding dress from 2011. Overall, the Pure Love Collection will assuredly make waves next season, so check out the whole gallery for inspiration for your 2019 look…

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