Inspire yourself with Hollywood’s most spectacular wedding dresses

  • Katherine Heigl "27 dresses"
  • Anne Hathaway "Bride wars"
  • Audrey Hepburn "Funny face
  • Kristen Stewart  "Twilight"
  • Elizabeth Taylor "Father of the bride"
  • Kimberly Williams "Father of the bride"
  • Gene Tierney "The razor's edge"
  • Jennifer Garner "Ghosts of girlfriends past"
    • Julia Roberts "Runaway Bride"
    • Kate Hudson "Bride Wars"
    • Keira Knightley "Love Actually"
    • Amanda Seyfried "Mamma Mia"
    • Jennifer Lopez  "Monster in law"
    • Julia Roberts "Runaway Bride"
    • Sarah Jessica Parker "Sex and the city"
    • Anne Hathaway "Princess Diaries 2"
  • [ALT] 8+

When you’re in the middle of planning your wedding, your whole world revolves around it, even the films that you watch. You may be like me and only want to watch films about weddings! In this gallery we show you the most chic wedding dresses that have appeared on the big screen. We hope they inspire you to recreate that film star look with a touch of hollywood glamour!

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