Halfpenny London Leave Us Breathless With Their 2018 Fall Collection

Halfpenny London's 2018 Collection 'Fly To The Moon' is a celebration of vintage bridal design, and a reminder to us all that a bride should first and foremost look chic on her wedding day.

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Halfpenny London’s 2018 Collection ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ is a celebration of femininity, explored through an expert clash of vintage and contemporary patterns and designs. The use of satin, lace and silvery tones are all delightful throwbacks to the classic bridal elements of the 1930s and 1940s, but never appear old-fashioned – instead they are timeless, couture pieces that draw the eye to the details within.

One of the most exciting features of this collection is how it is composed of separates. With several distinctive skirts, and unique tops, the combinations are endless, with a multitude of looks possible. Additionally, paired with beautifully intricate veils and add-on sleeve features, the collection is a veritable goldmine for brides looking for a chic, but still romantic, style. This can be seen in several looks, such as the Stevie dress, and the Sylvester dress, both of which make expert use of floral appliqués.

However, another excellent aspect of the Fly Me To The Moon Collection is the skillful and deliberate clash of fabrics. This is most clear in the pairing of the very modern George Top and Skirt, with its structured butterfly sleeves and futuristic unfitted bodice, and the classic lace chapel veil, with its delicate embroidered hem. Here, Halfpenny London makes an unforgettable statement – don’t miss on the rest of the collection here…

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