Grooms with beards: Love it or shave it?

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The hipster beard trend has been following us around for a while now, but is that a good or a bad thing?

Some women love it, others much prefer a clean shaven man, especially for his wedding day, it all completely depends on the person, their style and what type of facial hair we’re talking. There’s the 3 day unshaven look… sometimes sexy, sometimes hobo like! Then we have the full on man beard, something only certain men can pull off,

Personally, we quite like a man with a beard… if that’s his style. However, just because beards have been en-trend recently, don’t feel you have to start growing one for your wedding day! If you’ve decided this is the look you wan to go for, then we would advise you start growing one in advance to see if it does really suit you and more importantly, to see if you like it!

If you’re already rocking the perfect beard, then make sure you groom it perfectly for your big day. Give it a little trim, treat it and make it look extra special, no different to a bride at the hairdresser!

Our gallery shows you a variety of wedding beards, from designer stubble to Father Christmas beards (can we call them that?). Whether you’re a man looking for inspiration or a woman that likes looking at men in beards, enjoy!

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