Gorgeous wedding guest alternative outfits: Dress to impress in 2016!

Searching like mad for the perfect look for the next wedding you’ve been invited to attend? Be the best dressed guest by opting for one of these gorgeous alternative outfits.

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Great weather is around the corner and with it comes wedding season, leading to the age old dilemma of what to wear at the wedding you’ve been invited to. Cocktail dresses are beautiful, and theres a range of choices from winning brands such as Pronovias, but what if we ignored traditional dresses and opted for an alternative? In this gallery we’ve got some great stylish alternatives in a range of prices.

Jumpsuits are a fab trend that’s here to stay, as they work for all seasons. What’s more, they come in different styles from tapered to flared. Another possible alternative is a skirt and blouse combo, the best for a day wedding where shorter dresses also work a treat. Or how about going for trousers with a blouse, maybe even culottes which are a massive hit this year. High waisted cropped trousers worn with shoes to die for really lengthen your legs so are a great go to for fashionistas. There are countless ideas, colours, prints and fabrics that delight women who want to be themselves and ooze style as a wedding guest. A bonus of these outfits is that they can be worn over and over in different combos.

Alternative outfits for wedding guest have well and truly arrived, check out these wonderful looks and show off your style at the next wedding you attend.

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