Gifts and gowns for your gorgeous bridesmaids

Gifts and gowns for your gorgeous bridesmaids

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Bridesmaids are an essential part of any wedding. They’re your best friends, your sisters, your family and you want them by your side on your big day. They have an important role to play too. Not only are they there to help you with your wedding planning and having the hen party of all hen parties, but they’ll also be a huge help on the day itself. Whether they are helping you get ready on the morning of your wedding, handing out the order of service at your ceremony or helping guests with the seating plan at the reception, your bridesmaids deserve a big thank you!

It’s quite traditional for the bridesmaids to be mentioned in the wedding speeches. They’ll be thanked for all their hard work and they’ll be told how beautiful they look, but why not go the extra mile and give them a little gift as a token of your appreciation? It doesn’t need to be super expensive, but something personal and thoughtful will make all the difference.

Our cute gallery shows you great dress ideas for your best girls and some fab ideas for original gifts to thank then for being so super!

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