Forever Yours: Pave The Way Towards Endless Love With Casablanca Bridal 2020

Casablanca Bridal is renowned for its ability to constantly push the boundaries of bridal style. In this collection you will find their new collection, Forever Yours; A perfect blend of traditionalism and modernism!

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Casablanca Bridal has been one of the leading bridal brands for over 20 years, but that won’t stop their innovation; their collections keep getting better and better. New for 2020, they have release a new collection: Forever Yours.

The collection is composed of twenty-one(!) fresh and innovative designs which, we’re sure you’ll agree, ooze glamour and personality. Embodying a perfect blend of contemporary and timeless, we think that this collection encompasses what it means to be a truly effortless twenty-first century bride. In the collection you will find dresses with bold lace patterns that attract the attention of any person, bride or not, walking past, as well as sparkling bodices that cannot go unmissed.

What we have loved about Casablanca Bridal for so long is its ability to constantly push the boundaries of bridal style. It is very easy to keeping returning to the tradition bridal emblems which are popular year after year, but what this brand does is take the best parts of traditionalism and mix it with daring contemporary designs that working well together to create a perfectly modern bridal look. For example, you will see that the incorporation of unique motifs such as flowing feather trains and show-stopping sheer side illusion panels work perfectly in this collection to make sure that brides can feel like a million dollars on their big day.

The best thing about this collection, however, is that it accommodates all shapes and sizes, and (amazingly) allows you to customise your dress to suit your style. Bespoke weddings have been given another meaning with this collection!

So, whether you are a bride looking for your special dress, or you’ve been tasked with finding the perfect dress for your soon-to-be-wed best friend, you are guaranteed to find it all in this new Casablanca Bridal collection for 2020 brides: Forever Yours.

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