The Best Floral Designs For Your Wedding Cake

Have you ever considered a wedding cake covered in natural flowers? Then don't miss the ideas we've included in this gallery - cakes featuring very special bouquets. Check them out!

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Compare the modern wedding with ceremonies that took place only a couple of decades ago, and the differences are endless. Although the purpose remains the same – an occasion to celebrate love and the union of two people – the preparation involved has evolved to such an extent that details and trends which we could never have predicted are now essentials for any modern wedding. Dress designs and bridal accessories have changed, with modern brides opting for headdresses, flower crowns, colourful veils and shoes, as well as the latest trend, the bridal clutch. But it’s not only bridal fashion undergoing a transformation – wedding decorations are also changing with the times, and wedding cakes are no exception. In this gallery, we present to you the modern bride’s favourite cake: the floral cake.

A few years ago, cakes filled with meringue fell out of fashion and we saw the rise of fondant, and with it came endless possibilities to create perfect, delicious cakes with thousands of different flavours. As well as this edible and mouldable sugar, “naked cakes” are another recent wedding cake trend. These cakes are much more simply decorated, with emphasis instead on the sponge and filling. Despite being different styles, these cakes are all decorated one way or another with natural plants and flowers. Peonies, daisies, hydrangeas, cascades of roses, carnations, or olive or eucalyptus branches – and all beautiful.

Don’t miss the best bouquet cakes we’ve selected for you. Pick the one which best fits your wedding and order it now! For something a little different and very special, you’ll love them!

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