Find "the one" Wedding Planner For Your 2020 Wedding!

Wedding planning comes with a prerequisite that is sometimes hard to find; they must find the balance between professional employee, sister and friend! Take a look through this gallery to find "the one"!

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Aside from your partner, it is likely that your wedding planner will be the person you spend the most time with in the run up to your wedding day…. In fact, if you do things traditional, it might just be that you spend more time with them than you do your wedding partner! It is for this reason that choosing your wedding planner is no easy task. You will ideally want to hire someone who navigates the perfect balance between friend, sister and professional, but if you do things right, they can be all 3-in-1!

Fortunately, with the help of wedding service websites like Zankyou, finding this special someone has never been easier! There are a hundreds of incredibly talented wedding planners who each have a different story to tell! At Zankyou we have met wedding planners who have previously dedicated themselves to a variety of professions; from primary school teacher to photographer to PR or event manager. Some find their love for wedding planning after being inspired by their friend’s wedding and some find it thanks to their very own wedding! It’s always good to find someone who has attended many weddings (their own included!), as practice makes perfect, and those who have observed a number of weddings are undoubtedbly well prepared for any mishappens that might be thrown your way!

In this gallery, we show you some of our favourite wedding planners! Just take a look through our top picks; the decision is all yours!

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