Elegant earrings for 2015 brides

Elegant earrings for 2015 brides

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As a bride, choosing the accessories that you’ll wear on your big day is a very important task. Not only are accessories such as jewellery, shoes and hairpieces beautiful, but they’ll finish off your whole bridal look in a very special way.

You wouldn’t think twice about matching a clutch bag to your shoes or a necklace to your nails on a Friday night out, so why should your wedding day be any different?

Earrings are particularly important, especially for brides choosing an up-do as they will be fully on show. Generally, like for any outfit, long and opulent chandelier earrings are usually for formal evening events and smaller stud earrings are elegant pieces for day events, but given weddings are often formal events from start to finish regardless of time, then this is where we get free reign with our accessories. We’d suggest long earrings look better with long loose hair, as they still look beautiful but not too over the top as your hair helps to disguise their full on bling. Smaller earrings are best with an up-do as they will be fully visible and not hidden away by your loose hair. With accessories it’s all about adding a pretty, complementary touch and less is always more.

Our gallery shows you some of our favourite earrings for brides from both designers and high street stores, all beautiful and all affordable.

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