Don't let April showers dampen your Spring wedding

Don't let the rain put a dampener on your special day, make sure you're prepared just in case!

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The month of April is famous for its seasonal downpours. As much as we’re enjoying this lovely sunny weather, we all know that in the UK, things could change in an instant. We’ve become accustomed to always carrying an umberella… even in August!

The idea of a Spring wedding at the start of wedding season is always lovely. Flowers are in bloom, the days are longer and the weather is finally beginning to warm up a bit. However many couples are terrified at the thought that April showers could ruin their big day!

I’ve been to numerous Spring weddings where the heavens have opened and guests have had to run for cover and dig out their umbrellas. Yes, people got wet, and for a split second we all sighed, but looking back on it, the rain made it all so atmospheric, we did all laugh, and it made for some wonderfully romantic shots of the couple. If rain is forecast for your big day, embrace it! Buy yourself some cute umbrellas, you can even get some beautiful personalised wedding ones, and ask your photographer to arrange a romantic photo session.

So don’t let the rain put a dampener on your special day, be sure to be prepared just incase… Pack up your wellies and umberellas!  It’s even been said that rain on your big day can be good luck, so make the most of our British weather!

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