DIY Weddings: Eco- friendly, economical and ever so personal

DIY Weddings: Eco- friendly, economical and ever so personal

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No matter how clutter free your home is, we’re all hoarders at heart. You may not have a loft full of junk or a drawer full of old Christmas cards but just open your kitchen and bathroom cupboards and have a look.

I can guarantee we all have some kind of vases and plant pots tucked away, and candles, all women have candles! Once you start searching you’ll know exactly what I mean. These simple things that we have at home can all be used to style a DIY wedding. An old bicycle, some seashells you brought back from holiday, old tablecloths or even used wine bottles in your recycling bin (we ALL have those!).

All of these things can be up-cycled, cleaned up and used for your big day creating various different looks. Old wine bottles make great vases for a rustic look, seashells are perfect for a nautical theme and candles work beautifully for any style. If you know you like glass jars and tin cans and would like to incorporate them into your big day, then a few months before your wedding, start collecting them. Keep empty jam jars and tomato cans and ask friends to do the same for you, before you know it, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Simple things for an eco-friendly and budget friendly DIY wedding. If you’re not extremely creative and worried about making your own things, then this is a great way to DIY without having to actually make or draw anything yourself!

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