Discover the new trending theme for your big day: Feather wedding decor!

Discover how you can incorporate feathers into all aspects of your wedding day. The results are breathtaking!

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Wedding themes are constantly changing each year, bringing more and more specatcular decoration ideas and inspiration for your big day. Have you ever considered using feathers to decorate your special day? No? Neither had we until we saw these beautiful images! Feathers are the perfect finishing touch for your wedding theme, whether it be vintage, classic, elegant, rustic… you can really tie them in with anything!

Not only can you use feathers as table or venue decor, but they’re also fab when worked into your own personal style! How about a wedding dress with feathered details? The result is the perfect combination of sophistication and elegance. If a feathered dress is a bit too much for you, then subtle feathered details on your headpiece will compliment your wedding style beautifully. You can even incorporate feathered details to your wedding shoes, adding a touch of glamour to your look!

You can include subtle yet chic feathered details in all aspects of your wedding day. We’re talking wedding invitations, seating plans, centerpieces and even your wedding name it, feathers can be incorporated! So check out this fab gallery full of wonderful inspiration to add a touch of romance and elegance to your big day.

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