Discover the incredible bridal gowns by Maggie Sottero for Spring 2015

  • VERINA 5MW113.
  • JADE 5MD056.
  • PAULINA 5MS162.
  • SERENCIA 5MT118.
  • PATIENCE 5MW154.
  • PHYLLIS 5MR054.
  • SHAYLA 5MS015.
  • LONDYN 5MC013.
    • LACEY 5MZ134.
    • ELISON 5MS077.
    • PIA 5MN083.
    • AURORA 5MT153.
    • LENYA 5MR094.
    • ELLARAE 5MT130.
    • MELITTA 5MC152.
    • ELLIS 5MT014.
    • ETTIA 5MN084.
    • CAMELIA 5MR132.
    • YASMINA 5MR163.
    • BELLISSIMA 5MS021.
    • DAPHNE 5HW159.
    • DAHLIA 5HS158.
    • JUNIPER 5HS160.
    • ALERA 5HW157.
    • CORRINA 5MB026.
    • ARLYN 5MS146.
    • BREANNA 5MT075.
    • ELENA 5MD121.
    • DORIS 5MT129.
    • CHANTE 5MD122.
    • MARTY 5MW071.
    • PILAR 5MS019.
    • BETTINA 5MW127.
    • AUDRIANNA 5MR102.
    • REINE 5MW107.
    • GAVI 5MR101.
    • CRYSTAL 5MS140.
    • CHERYL 5MT087.
    • LETICIA 5MT031.
    • FLORENCE 5MS029.
    • WESTLYN 5MT033.
    • LAURALEE 5MS164.
    • PETUNIA 5MT080.
    • HOLLY 5MC082.
    • DEMI 5MT024.
    • FLORA 5MR040.
    • HOLLY MARIE 5MC023.
    • AIDEEN 5MS123JK.
    • ENZA 5MS022.
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When it comes to her wedding, the first thing a bride thinks about is which wedding dress she’s going to wear. At Maggie Sottero they know this all too well and their experience in designing bridal gowns and advising brides-to-be on what to wear is unlike any other.

In this gallery we bring you the new collection of bridal gowns for spring 2015 by Maggie Sottero, an Australian designer that is well known for creating high quality designs and adapting to all tastes, and above all else, making brides feel confident and comfortable. A complete collection with many different styles, from simple chiffon bridal gowns to princess cut gowns with great volume. When it comes to necklines, you can find a wide variety, from V shape, strapless, sweetheart and dresses with fine straps, short sleeves, three quarter length sleeves with transparencies and open backs. Using the very best natural fabrics and adding lace and beaded detail to add an extremely luxurious touch.

Be sure to have a look at this wonderful collection we’ve prepared for you, you’re going to love these incredible designs!

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