Dazzling diamontes or triumphant tiara for your 2016 wedding look

Time to think details, head pieces, tiaras, diamontes, florals, the possibilities are endless....get lost in them in our gallery of gorgeous head pieces.

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Who wants to follow the same age old story and fashion, well thats depends on your wedding and personality! Depending on where and when the wedding is taking place very much depends on the theme, etiquette and of course brides style.

Should you stick to tradition and have a veil, or be different and daring and go for a fascinator, headpiece or tiara? Well, as there is no Wedding rule book, the great thing about it being your wedding is that you can decide. After all, you don’t want to be dictated to as to what you can wear…so we start by introducing you to something that is becoming popular in its own right. The good thing about head wear is all the different colours, ways and types you can have.

Its just like the Groom’s jacket, there is a certain time and place that he can remove it and relax, why not have the same for you, veil for the day and something more understated and comfortable for the afternoon and evening. You don’t want to worry about ruining your hairstyle by someone treading on your very gorgeous veil!

No matter what the cut of the dress or the colour you decide to go for, choose an accessory that is going to widely compliment your day and evening look, making you the belle of the ball. Plus, the great advantage is that you can reuse and restyle your accessory after your wedding, dressing an outfit up, or wearing something understated and complementing it.

The possibilities are endless….get lost in them with our gallery!

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