Dark Blue Bridesmaids Dresses: The Most Chic Look for 2017

Dress your bridesmaids in a colour that really conveys elegance and sophistication. A universally-versatile colour - dark blue is a winner for any occasion!

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Safety and elegance and authenticity. That is what the trendiest and most chic colour for weddings in 2017 brings to the table. Dark blue, a deep and powerful colour, is easy to combine with anything, and thankfully, looks good on everyone. It is also appropriate for every season, depending on how you do it. Summer Wedding? Give it a Turkish feel with some dark blue glass accessories such as tealight holders and lanterns for the reception. Autumn? Complement those rustic oranges and browns with some dark blue ribbons tying the bouquets or the flowers lining the aisle. Winter? Why not have a navy blue hair accessory? Check out our Winter Hair Accessory gallery here. Spring? Think “pop of colour” with some navy blue shoes peeking out from under your dress with every step you take towards your soon-to-be spouse.

This gallery is intended to serve as inspiration for how you can dress your bridesmaids in this beautiful and regal colour for your wedding.

For this year and the near-approaching 2017, dark blue stands out for its splendour and elegance at every wedding. Whether in certain elements and details of the decoration or in the bridesmaids outfits, it will be a colour that claims the spotlight. There are brides who choose not to have bridesmaids, others who have them but who choose not to have a particular colour scheme for them and there are those who not only choose a colour, but also decide to dress all their bridesmaids in the same dress. 

No matter how you choose to dress your bridesmaids, keep navy blue in mind when thinking of their outfits. Whether night or day, this colour looks truly spectacular, and best of all, they can use their dresses on more than one occasion. Rest assured that they will look beautiful, especially in harmony with the decoration of the ceremony and, of course, all the details that you have at the reception.


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