Create a fun wedding with some beautiful bunting!

Create a fun wedding with some beautiful bunting as the perfect touch for your wedding decor!

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Bunting. What springs to mind? Summer, outdoor weddings, rustic themes, fairs… all things that make us happy and make us smile, so why not have bunting as part of your wedding decor?

Bunting has been a popular part of event decor for many years, be it garden parties, summer fairs and even New Year’s Eve festivities, but we think it’s at its best when it’s used to decorate a wedding reception. It adds a rustic and vintage feel to any wedding venue and if you’re having an informal outdoor wedding, then we think bunting is a must!

Our gallery brings you all sorts of bunting. In pastel tones for a vintage fair theme, on wedding cakes, stationery and in lace and gold tones for something a little more glam and formal. Why not get DIY creative and make some yourself! Whichever style is for you, we’re loving bunting as the perfect decor!

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