Cool cocktails and delightful drink stations

Cool cocktails and delightful drink stations

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I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t love a cocktail. Maybe it’s the circles I mix in… from Mojitos and Margaritas to the more classic Bellinis and Black Russians, there’s something for everyone regardless of what drinks or mixers you like.

I think cocktails are a real symbol of decadence and fun, not something you have at home everyday and whether they are alcoholic or not, they are perfect to serve to your guests at a summer wedding. They can easily be incorporated into any theme and come in a wide variety of colours. I love the idea of a drinks station or cocktail bar where guests can help themselves. Not just cocktails. Lemonade, tea, beer – these ideas are just great. Have a look at these fabulous ideas and if they inspire you, I’ll expect an invitation!

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