Colourful and chic macaroons for a delicious wedding

Colourful and chic macaroons for a delicious wedding

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This magnificent sweet treat for which we are ever grateful to our French neighbours is still as popular as ever when it comes to weddings. Macaroons (or Macarons if you’re Francais) come in a wonderful array of colours and flavours and are the perfect sugary accompaniment to any wedding worth its weight in gold.

We’ve all seen in them in pretty boxes in patisseries and fancy supermarkets, but we want to show you how versatile they can be for your big day.

Whether you want them in cute little gift boxes as wedding favours, as delicious petit-fours to serve with coffee at the end of your wedding meal or even as a magnificent tower instead of the more traditional wedding cake, delightful and delicious macaroons are definitely the new cupcakes of weddings.

Pretty white and pink macaroons for a classic and traditional wedding decor, or cute pastels for a vintage theme, you just can’t go wrong!

Have a look at our yummy macaroon gallery, we think it’s pretty magnifique!

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