Claire Pettibone: Vagabond 2018 Fall Collection

Claire Pettibone's 2018 Fall collection is a celebration of the adventurer, and for the bride always looking to try new looks, and stand out from the crowd.

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The yin to the White Album‘s yang, Claire Pettibone’s Vagabond collection is an artistic restyling of the gowns featured in the Couture range. Here the brand really experiments – not just with decorative elements, but with colour and fabric combinations, creating a set of gowns that could be worn both down the aisle and down the catwalk. Claire Pettibone’s official press release for the collection revealed that the collection aims to “meld and blend our cultures and traditions to create something new and profoundly beautiful, based on love and a sense of adventure.” And the desired effect is definitely achieved – an intense wanderlust is delivered hand in hand alongside these breathtaking gowns.

The inclusion of colour in this collection is done skillfully, with a light touch to add to the femininity and delicacy of the gowns. The Marian blue tone incorporated into the train of the Horizon dress is an excellent example of this, and bold addition of fuschia floral appliqués to the Shangri-La design transforms it into a luxurious boho-style gown. Indeed, other infusions of peach, blush pink, and grey on top of white, ivory and champagne bases add to this contrasting rustic-yet-opulent style.

The cuts and shapes adopted in this collection are thoroughly modern, such as the Gypsy gown, which is sheer tulle with Ecru embroidery and an embellished rose cape that stretches out into a train. With designs as lavish as these, Claire Pettibone knows it is breaking the rules and perceptions of the bridal industry, and we at Zankyou are glad that it has. Hopefully Claire Pettibone will lead the way into an adventurous new era for gorgeous bridal fashion!

All photography credits to: This Modern Romance.

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