Claire Pettibone: The White Album Collection Fall 2018

Claire Pettibone's White Collection comes in two parts - the Romantique collection, and the Couture gowns. Check both of them out here!

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The White Album by Claire Pettibone is a versatile assortment of gowns, divided into two contrasting categories; the Romantique collection is a celebration of the traditional bridal style, and intended as a palette cleanser before the brand then introduces the Couture collection. Couture is a more alternative selection of gowns, a reimagination of the bohemian, traveller style, intended for brides who are not afraid to be daring and take risks with their style. But where the Couture collection finds its strength in layering materials and the ample use of beads, sequins and netting, the Romantique collection attracts brides looking for clear cut lines and clean designs, reminiscent of a more classic style.

However, there are many shared features between the two sections of the White Album. These gowns seek to explore and emphasise female sensuality, with illusion backs, skin-hugging fabrics, and low necklines – and whilst these become more revealing within the Couture collection, they are always incredibly tasteful. The dresses are all also uniquely feminine, with delicate floral details and Guipure lace appliqués. The layering of light tulle in the Couture collection adds to this sense of elegance and lightness, with an added sense of mysticism through the patterns of beading and translucent sleeves, such as on the Sahara gown. It is impossible to imagine that a bride could feel anything less than ethereal in one of the pieces from the White Album.

With so many years experience in the bridal industry, the Claire Pettibone brand has never failed to be innovative, and constantly pushes further to create unique designs for unique brides. Make sure to check back in with us this time next week for the second part of the Claire Pettibone 2018 Fall features – the Vagabond Collection!

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