Children & Grandparents: 50 Photos Dedicated to the Most Important Wedding Guests

Innocence and wisdom - the two things that we can rely on children and grandparents to bring to life. Enjoy them even more at your wedding!

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When you think of a wedding, things that undoubtedly come to mind are the bridal gown, the venue, and the wedding feast menu… But, let’s be frank, the most important thing is the people you will share this special day with: relatives, friends, and colleagues from University, perhaps even an ex. And, of course, the two figures that are always present and that give us our happiest moments: Children and grandparents.  

They’re the ones who provide a point of innocence and wisdom at each wedding, and they’re the ones we spend our most special moment with. For this reason, many wedding photographers focus on them and capture precious moments to remember forever. The youngest and the eldest guests are those who don’t pose before the camera, who are natural at all times and who tell the best anecdotes.  They convey emotions that leave nobody indifferent; two entirely opposite figures but who both possess the same spontaneity. A look, a gesture, a smile and even a tear shed…

Therefore we have put together a selection of the 50 best photographs of children and grandparents at weddings. Discover the importance of relying on images like these in your wedding album. They spread happiness and joy and convey a multitude of emotions.

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