Celebrate an intimate wedding in this beautiful, rustic villa in Tuscany - Podere Calvaiola

Looking for a traditional yet beautiful wedding location? Podere Calviola will offer you the best services and suppliers for your dream Italian wedding, along with some stunning views!

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Podere Calvaiola was originally part of the Casaglia estate, but after the war was restored by the Giardini family into a second holiday home. Years later, Pietro – one of Giorgio Giardini’s sons, renovated Podere Calvaiola and moved into it permanently. Since then, Giorgio and Pietro have decided to rent out their holiday home to foreign clients who love Tuscany. Pietro’s wife, Barbara, decided to work on a wedding project in 2020 and held 3 weddings here. From then on they grew business; Pietro specialised in hospitality, whereas Barbara specialised in events – the dream team! You can celebrate any type of ceremony or event at this location, which holds 100 guests inside and 150 guests outside.

At Podere Calvaiola you will be offered the highest level of trustworthy suppliers, which you can demand on request, and you will not be disappointed by the outcome of the event. The location has phenomenal views; the residence is beautiful and authentic, decorated in a way that combines design, art, and modern elements. And if you have little ones, they’ve got you covered! With services such as pizza party, barbecue, picnic, baby sitting, lifeguards, cooking classes, truffle hunting, tour guides, sailing, and much more.

Have a look at these delightful photos of Podere Calvaiola:

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