Castello di Montignano hosts Sarah and Sophia's fairy-tale same sex wedding

Proud to be living in the 21st century as Castello di Montignano displays the most beautiful, dream-like, same-sex wedding between Sarah and Sophia, who share their love with the world in a boho-chic fashion.

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What we have here is a beautiful love story between two wonderful women – Sarah and Sophia, who, from the very first moment that they laid eyes upon each other, just knew that they would one day be together forever. Umbria was one of the places they visited when discovering the world together; a place which they love, and what better venue to celebrate their devotion to each other than Castello di Montignano. Keeping reading to hear about their story…

How they met…

Sarah and Sophie met in the romantic city of Rome, 2 years ago. Both excited to explore the history of this ancient city, they could not wait for what the future would bring. And as it turns out, destiny would make sure it brought them something big, something that would change their life forever; their soul-mate.

The day Sophia first arrived in the dorm I wasn’t there. I had gone to the theatre with a friend and when I came back that night, I saw her. She was eating in the kitchen by herself . It was very late…around 3 am. I remember thinking that I had never seen such a beauty before and from that moment I knew that she had to be mine. And of course, I was all over the moon when I found out that she felt the same way about me.” – Sarah

Falling in love <3

You know when you want to spend every single moment of every single day with that just one person…

“That year we were so into each other that I had to retake all of my exams the following year. We travelled all around Italy and I could never get enough of her. During our travelling, we fell in love with this lovely Italian region called Umbria. It was like Tuscany, with amazing landscapes and lots of medieval towns to discover but more real. Maybe because the people living there weren’t as used to tourists as the people from Tuscany are.. I don’t know. The only thing that I know is that the following year, when I moved back to Manchester with Sarah, we both felt the need to go back to Umbria again. And so we did.” – Sophia

The Proposal

That’s Amore…

“The day before Christmas, we had reserved a table in a famous restaurant in Assisi to spoil ourselves. We were always so busy going around and doing crazy things (e.g. Bunjee Jumping, Rafting and so on) that finding some time to cook for the actual Christmas day was a miracle! So, for Christmas Eve we decide to take it easy and enjoy the best that the Umbrian cuisine had to offer. When we arrived at the restaurant the whole place was empty. I remember looking at Sarah in disbelief. An empty restaurant?! At Christmas eve?! She noticed my astonishment but before I could say anything we entered in the main room of the restaurant and our friends were all standing looking at us. The room was full of little lights and Christmas decorations and a big screen was directed at us. Shortly, “That’s Amore” from Dean Martin started playing in the background and pictures of me and Sarah began to fill the screen. Then Sarah started to describe what our life together meant for her, describing our happiest moments.

Some of our friends started to tear up a little and so was I. Finally, at the end of the video, Sarah asks me “will you marry me?And I was still looking at the screen when I heard the question, so I turned looking for her and there she was, on one knee, asking me to love her forever. Among a river of tears I said yes! Immediately, after my response, our friends ran to hug us both. I will always remember that day like one of the best days of my life. Right after the day of our wedding!” – Sophia

The Wedding

We both knew we wanted to celebrate in Umbria. Umbria was our love nest; the only possible place for us to celebrate our love in front of our friends and family. For our big day, we were looking for a location that cherished all the beauty and history that Umbria had to offer. Our main goal was to find an unique place that could suit our love for historical places together with our boho style. Castello di Montignano, which dates back to the 10th century, was the perfect venue to host our wedding: surrounded by the natural Monti Martani hills, we fell in love with the castle’s breathtaking view and the way we were welcomed by Beatrice, the wedding manager and Giuseppe, the owner. Beatrice worked wonderfully to fulfill our every request. She did an amazing job working as our wedding planner as well as our event designer.

Our same-sex wedding was a living fairytale. In the morning I wanted to make the day even more special and together with Beatrice, we arranged a surprise breakfast for Sarah in the room Benedettoni. I left her a card in her room where I wrote “I cannot wait to marry you” asking her to come to the room to have breakfast together.

Later that day, Sarah got ready in room Chiaravalle with her bridesmaids while I got ready in room Benedettoni with the help of the amazing Pamela Sanchez as makeup artist and the creative Alessio Leonardi, an incredible hair dresser working for the hair saloon Lauteri. I cannot thank them enough for having made me feel like a true princess.

Our wedding was hosted in the park area of the Castle, with a boho-chic style ceremony. The best moment of the ceremony was when we shared our vows. I kept looking at Sarah hoping that we could stay like that forever. There was this decadent triangular floral decoration as an altar and beautiful Persian carpets to walk on. Mariana, the Castle’s Florist, did an outstanding job with all the decorations. Everything looked and smelled exactly how we pictured it in our minds. After the ceremony, we enjoyed an Italian wedding dinner under the stars followed by an incredible cutting of the cake adorned with sparklers and fireworks. A celebration to remember, captured by the eye of the photographer Andrea Cittadini and filmed by Wedding Motion Italy. Each photo, a snapshot of love. Each video, a breath of happiness to keep forever. A special thanks to those amazing professionals that with their work helped us capturing all the details of our perfect wedding day.” – Sophia


This real wedding between Sarah and Sophia truly inspires couples to follow their dreams and choose what they truly want for their wedding. Castello di Montignano is clearly a stunning place to celebrate your love between you and your partner, where you will be in your own little dream world for the day.


Instagram credits:

Venue: @castello_di_montignano
Wedding Planner and Co-ordinator: @beatrice_fuso_
Photographers: @cittadiniandrea |@vissaniale_photo |@italyweddingstorytellers
Videographers: @weddingmotion_italy
Make-up Artist: @pame_lasanchez
Florist: @mariana_flowers
Atelier: @sanzonealessia_altamodasposa
Hairstylist: | @leonardialessio78
Cakedesigner: @elisagiovannetticakedesigner
Jewellery: @sorbi_gioielli
Fireworks: @pirotecnicasangiovannibattista


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