Candles: The Best Light Source to Illuminate Your Beautiful Big Day

Everybody knows the calming, soothing benefits of candlelight. Why not incorporate it into your wedding day for an easy but flawless decorative element that will leave everybody feeling relaxed and comfortable. Check out our gallery for inspiration for your 2017 wedding!

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Once night falls, there is nothing better than surprising your guests with a generous dose of light. There is something comforting and relaxing about a flickering flame in the darkness. Candles are known for their soothing properties and including them in your wedding will ensure that your guests are left feeling comfortable and encouraged to have a good time.

Candles have become solid allies in generating an ultra-romantic atmosphere, and can also be incorporated to serve as part of the decoration; as centrepieces, creating a candlelit dinner-type atmosphere and help your guests unwind over their meal, floating alongside the flowers that line the aisle, or even on their own, in varying sizes for extra dimension and cost-effective décor. There are some great ideas in this gallery that you should bear in mind in order to bring light and life to the overall aesthetic of your special day.

Candles are also great if you are having a Destination Wedding, as they are incredibly versatile, easy to set up and look good in literally every location – be it (safely) nestled into the sand at a summer beach wedding, suspended in little lanterns from the branches of a tree in a garden during spring, adorning the windowsills of your castle wedding on a wintery night or candelabras decorated with pine cones and crunchy leaves for your autumnal nuptials. They also travel well, they are resilient and very simple to manage as they do the talking for themselves.

Soy candles, such as the ones from Northumbrian Candleworks, are a great choice if you are conscious of what you are releasing into the atmosphere. Soy candles are known as “clean burners” which means that they are non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and non-polluting.

Use this gallery as inspiration for your candlelit big day and you won’t regret it!

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