Bridal gowns for slim brides: Make the most of your elegant frame

  • Monique Lhuillier 2015 Spring/Summer, SARAH.
  • Monique Lhuillier 2015 Spring/Summer, FLORESSA.
  • Monique Lhuillier 2015 Spring/Summer, ELSA.
  • Justin Alexander 2015, 6345.
  • Pronovias 2015 Atelier, CARMIT.
  • Pronovias 2015 Atelier, CINDY.
  • Nicole Spose 2015 Nicole, DIXIE.
  • Nicole Spose 2015 Nicole, DOREEN.
    • Elise Hameau 2015, Top BÉNÉDICTE & skirt JULIE.
    •  Rime Arodaky 2015, FLEMMING.
    • Lindegger küssdiebraut 2015, MARLENE.
    •  Rime Arodaky 2015, MILOVY.
    •  San Patrick 2015 Fashion, SEMBLA.
    •  San Patrick 2015 Modern Bride, SHAIRA.
    •  San Patrick 2015 Modern Bride, SHANTAL.
    •  San Patrick 2015 Costura, SUETTE.
    •  Laure de Sagazan 2015, Top COPPOLA & skirt DESPLECHIN.
    •  Laure de Sagazan 2015, Top DOUGLAS & skirt DESPLECHIN.
    •  Laure de Sagazan 2015, Top RENAN over dress ALLEN & Top SCORSESE over dress PASOLINI.
    • Justin Alexander 2015 Lillian West, 6365.
    •  Justin Alexander collection 2015, model 8756.
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You may think that slim brides can get away with wearing most things, but all figures and silhouettes have certain styles which flatter them more. If you have an extremely slim silhouette, the best styles for you are nigh necks, long sleeves (which actually add shape and body to your hips) and flared trousers (a white jump suit would be a very unique and elegant option). Stay away from plunging necklines, they don’t really work well with slim frames, they tend to need curves to cling to!

We want to show you a variety of bridal gowns by international brands designed with slim brides in mind. These stunning creations will accentuate your natural elegance and add volume and shape to places you never thought possible!

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