Bridal belts and sashes for 2015

Bridal belts and sashes for 2015

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Stylish accessories are often used to finish off any type of look, in many cases that cute accessory is a chic belt. It’s the ideal accessory to accentuate your waist, accentuate the cut of a dress, flatter your silhouette by focusing attention onto your waist, or simply used as a decorative element, and why not! Combining a belt with a baggy dress or a tucked in shirt always results in a very chic and polished look, likewise a beaded or sparkly belt would add texture and a different dimension to your whole outfit, and it’s no different when it comes to wedding dresses.

In this gallery you’ll find a variety of bridal belts for 2015. Beaded belts, plain satin belts, in the form of cute bows or with a bit of sparkle if that’s what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a fitted belt or a colourful sash to add to your bridal gown, we think belts are the perfect bridal accessory for 2015!

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