Blend Traditional Romance and Cutting Edge Contemporary Style With Wedding Dresses From Maggie Sottero 2020

Take a first look at Maggie Sottero's latest designs - showcasing dynamism and elegance by the handful.

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When it comes to thinking about wedding dresses, there are just a few fashion designers who come to mind in the blink of a second with whom you know you will receive the first class treatment, both before and during your big day. When it comes to thinking about wedding dresses that ooze pure elegance and skill, there is just one designer who is worth the time thinking, and that is Maggie Sottero.

Maggie Sottero Designs has been a leader in their field for over 20 years. With their professionalism and attention to detail, there is no other designer who compares. The designs you will find in this gallery leave you void of doubt and confusion. There is just no other designers who successfully blend classic tradition with romance to the extent that these professionals do.

In the early stages of the development of these styles, there were a number of words, adjectives and images that came to mind, which they worked with and became embedded into the final products. These words included some of those which bring to us the deepest emotions and feelings – love, passion, the romance of life. And at first we may have thought it impossible to transport these feelings onto mannequins and eventually onto brides, like you!

By amalgamating modern romantic emblems such as straight necklines and billowy A-line styles, Maggie Sottero set out on an adventure to create a graceful bridal look that would not only suit the brides of today, but also the brides of tomorrow and decades after, because in the world of weddings, there is no such thing as old. Each and every year we see emblems of yesteryear repeated and reworked to meet the dynamic demand of contemporary style.

Take a look through this gallery to find the style that suits you!

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