Beautiful ideas to inspire you to have a 2016 wedding Moroccan style! Colour, creativity and charming ideas.

If you want to say "yes I do" in style, do not miss these awesome ideas inspired by a wedding in Morocco. Discover the colour and host a fairy tale wedding.

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There are many and very different Wedding styles, but if we imagine a style marked by ostentatious, flashy colours a wedding in Morocco comes to mind. Weddings in the Arab world have particular authentic rituals, marked by very special moments and are completely unique, that in other cultures are not usually frequent. For this reason, we are going to show in this gallery a selection of images inspired by a wedding in Morocco that you cannot and will not want to miss.

You can see from the tiniest corners, the charm where gold is mixed with very strong colours typical of this culture, such as turquoise, fuchsia, orange….flashy and showy. Stunning cushioned fabrics, detail lanterns carved with wonderful edging and typical tea.

Why not have wedding invitations including a mosaic print resembling tiles, or reception decorations inspired by the Far East with colours and patterns influenced by the destination. Floral decoration at the ceremony combined alongside white colours to create a wedding ambience that is being hosted in the desert.  Then there is the wedding dress fashion, over the top decoration, colours, and embroideries with many jewels. Thousands of gold bracelets and bangles, turbans and veils full of jewels that make authentic pieces worthy of admiration.

Everything is possible to create the wedding of your dreams, so do not miss these beautiful images that will inspire you to make your wedding as close to the Arabian Nights, so that you and your guests will feel you are there.

Photo via Shutterstock: Boda en Marruecos.

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