Beautiful gowns for curvaceous brides in 2015

  • Mori Lee Julietta, 3176
  • Mori Lee Julietta, 3177
  • ASOS Curve, 428240
  • ASOS Curve, 474047
  • ASOS Curve, 483468
  • Macys, 687142
  • Macys, 1479700
  • Macys, 1732048
    • Mori Lee Julietta, 3178
    • Mori Lee Julietta, 3172
    • Mori Lee Julietta, 3171
    • Allure Bridals, W321
    • Allure Bridals, W350F
    • Allure Bridals, W355
    • Allure Bridals, W334
    • Allure Bridals, W330
    • Allure Bridals, W341
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Curves are beautiful, and curvaceous women should embrace their form. If you’re a plus size bride, imperial cuts and thick or loose and sheer fabrics like chiffon can really complement your frame. You need to learn how to play with your own style, for example, princess cuts are very complimentary as they focus on the waist and hide hips or perhaps you might prefer a dress with a loose fitting bodice and a straight cut skirt if you’re conscious of a larger bust.

Here are some wonderful alternatives by ASOS Curve, Mori Lee, Macys and Allure Bridals. Discover these magnificent designs and embrace those curves!

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