Keep your hay fever at bay with a fab fake wedding bouquet

Keep your hay fever at bay with a fab fake wedding bouquet

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Spring and its seasonal flowers are a wonderful thing. Brides lust after beautiful spring blooms all year round, but as pretty as they are, flowers can sometimes come with their  own problems. Hay fever is at its peak at this time of year, and if you or your bridesmaids are sufferers, it’s not going to be much fun carrying a bouquet, no matter how stunning it is.

Fear not ladies, there are some wonderful alternatives out there. Fake flowers were once cheap and tacky, but with a growing market for allergy sufferers, fake bridal bouquets have taken the wedding market by storm.

Fake blooms can be used in place of any natural flowers. Centrepieces, ceremony flowers and even the groom’s buttonhole, but today we want to show you our gallery dedicated to bridal bouquets in particular.

Beautiful fake bouquets, some made from cute buttons and vintage brooches, others from flowers you’d never guess were fake. Choose your ideal faker and personalise it as you wish. You can even go down the DIY route if you’re feeling adventurous!

The best thing about these bouquets? They last forever…

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