Add a fun element to your wedding cake with some cute cake toppers

Add a fun element to your wedding cake with some cute cake toppers

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Cake toppers are a great way to add a splash of fun and creativity into what can be a very traditional part of your wedding. Although cakes can be incredibly decorative and colourful, a cake topper is a little part of you that can transform your cake from a functional and traditional element of your wedding into something cute, fun and representative of you as a couple.

Gone are the days when we just see a traditional couple on top of a cake. Symbols, letters and cute figures are a much more popular choice for modern couples. Some couples choose not to have anything at all, I mean, we all know it’s a wedding cake and we all know who the couple is, so depending on your style or theme, some simple but beautiful fresh flowers will look stunning, but we love the little personal touches that often shine through. If you’re having a bird theme or just adore birds, then little love birds on top of your cake will be a natural choice. Mini instruments for a musical couple or even mini replicas of yourselves doing your favourite hobby or wearing your football team’s colours, it’s your day and anything goes!

Our gallery will show you that there is so much more to cake toppers than a traditional couple (that don’t look anything like you) on the top!

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