A stylish asymmetric neckline for a contemporary bridal look

A stylish asymmetric neckline for a contemporary bridal look

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Over the last few seasons, the ever popular and traditional strapless neckline has had competition from the incredibly modern and stylish asymmetric neckline. Extremely elegant, this neckline leaves one shoulder bare while the other shoulder remains covered, with a fine strap, a short sleeve and sometimes with an elegant long sleeve. We want to show you how versatile this style of neckline can be.

Accompanied by a variety of styles, such as princess, with a voluminous skirt or a fitted waist with a sweetheart neckline. Many different styles all with this contemporary neckline. An asymmetric neckline suits many different types of silhouettes, especially brides with a larger tummy or hips that want to draw the attention away from the bottom half of their body.

Our gallery brings you beautiful creations by different designers and plenty of different styles. Definitely something for everyone!

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