80 stylish pairs of bridal shoes for 2017 to take you from the aisle to dance floor!

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When we think about aisle style and current wedding trends, we spot many differences from those of yesteryear, but the essence of bridal style is the same. The wedding dress is still the star of every bride’s style, and previously the classic bridal shoes faded into the background, now however shoes really do add a magic touch to a bride’s outfit. In this gallery we’ve put together 80 uber stylish pairs of bridal shoes for 2017 that will wow your guests to no end.

You’ve got the choice of a stiletto heel, block heels, mid heels, wedges, flats with glitter and even sandals that lace up with ribbons, all perfect to say “I do” in the most stylish and comfortable manner possible. If you opt for a minimalist wedding dress, you can totally bling it up by opting for wedding worthy coloured shoes with precious stones. If, however, you are going for a vintage look wedding dress, no probs you can also find bridal shoes to match in this gallery.

Walking down the aisle in classic ivory shoes is our idea of the perfect way to walk beside your other half, so we’ve created this gallery of 80 uber stylish bridal shoes for your 2017 nuptials that’s full of inspo to take you from aisle to dance floor in serious style!

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