40 Short wedding dresses for a 2016 bride: Time to be inspired!

Heres what wedding dress to wear if you are a bride on the shorter side but still just as 'bride' as Mrs 5ft 9....styles, designs, accesories and shoes.

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Who said being short made things difficult……..When looking for that all important wedding dress, there are styles, shapes, patterns and fabrics that really can deceive the on looking eye! With designers constantly trying to design and supply something different, unique and original for the modern day bride, they also take into account all the woes and worries that brides have to consider when looking for the all important dress, such as height.

There are some well known facts that are said to give the illusion of being taller, such as not having a low neckline, empire dresses and straight cut designs lengthen your body, helping you appear taller. However, the whole outfit must be considered carefully, as the accessories such as an ‘up’ hair do or fascinator can also serve the illusion that you are taller than you really are. Lastly, the all important shoe…, they are a key player for the finished look, they must fit and give your leg shape and curve, again to create illusion.

Still looking for that all important wedding dress, looking to be inspired, want to try something different…look no further than our gallery! Here we present a number of dresses with all the suggestions that we have mentioned, so you can see for yourselves that the smallest addition such as an accessory in your hair or some heels, can make.

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