40 Wedding Dresses for Petite Brides 2016

Flatter your small frame with these gorgeous wedding dresses for petite brides 2016.

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If you’re on the look out for the perfect wedding dress to say ‘I do’ in, but still need some inspo for a gown that will flatter your petite frame, we’ve got it covered. As a petite woman you definitely don’t want to feel like you are drowning in your wedding dress. Of course, as always it all depends on the shape and size that will work for you, so we’ve put together a selection of 40 ideal wedding dresses for 2016 to fit petite women like a glove.

To achieve the perfect aisle style, stay clear of dresses that are all about about the volume and fussy details, as the excess fabric can overwhelm your smaller stature. Simple lines such as slinky A line dresses will fit better, whilst also lengthening your frame. As for the necklines, try something which isn’t too plunging, that way eyes are drawn upwards making the silhouette seem longer. Empire dresses are also winners for giving the illusion of a more elongated frame. Opt for a simple bridal up do with hair accessories to add extra height. Combine this with some killer high heels to make your legs go on forever, and you are set to go!

Good luck deciding on ‘the one and only’ from our gallery of dresses because we’re sure you’ll find more than a few that will beautifully flatter your proportions and give you butterflies! Justin Alexander, Caroline Castigliano, Rosa Clara and many more! The list of possibilities is endless.

However, if you are a tall girl, try this gallery full of wedding dresses for tall women 2016.

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