40 Wedding dresses for a slight built bride marrying in 2016

  • Cymbeline
  • Hero, Jenny Packham
  • Gertrude, Jenny Packham
  • Hannibal Laguna
  • Cordelia, Jenny Packham
  • Inmaculada García
  • Ducado, Rosa Clará
  • Jesús Peiró
    • Cymbeline
    • Houghton
    • Edna, Two Rosa Clará.
    • Inmaculada García.
    • Monique Lhuillier.
    • Hannibal Laguna.
    • Reem Acra.
    • Reem Acra.
    • Inmaculada García.
    • Micaela, Aire Barcelona
    • Óscar de la Renta
    • Pranette, Pronovias
    • Dallas, Rosa Clará
    • YolanCris
    • Dany, Rosa Clará
    • YolanCris
    • Micro, Aire Barcelona
    • Dorado, Rosa Clará
    • YolanCris
    • Monique Lhuillier
    • Proais Pleasure, Pronovias
    • 2212, Casablanca Bridal
    • Cymbeline
    • Ellen, Two Rosa Clará
    • Entorno, Two Rosa Clará
    • Hannibal Laguna
    • Jesús Peiró
    • Marion, Aire Barcelona
    • Medit, Aire Barcelona
    • Destino, Rosa Clará
    • 2205, Casablanca Bridal
    • Cabotine
  • [ALT] 32+

Thinking big or small, tall or short, fat or thin does not determine what taste, shape or style wedding dress you should or could go for. We have to enough to worry about when planning and organising a wedding not to mention hunting for the perfect dress, to be thinking about what we think, does not look or make us feel good.

If you think that shopping for a wedding dress for a slight built bride is easy then you are mistaken. Having a slender body is thought to be the easy answer in finding the most important outfit you will ever wear! It is a common fact that we believe generally on a slim bride, everything looks good, however ladies you could be very wrong, there is always something that you are ‘hung up’ about as it is almost impossible that everything is perfect. There are certain shapes and styles that fit and sit much better on the bigger busted lady than the smaller more petite.

One positive element about being on the thinner side is that you can style draped designs, ruched details, horizontal patterns and volumous designs to highlight your figure. The square and swan necklines or long sleeves are great for adding another depth to your outfit, the fabrics and patterns chosen can also distract from any area that you do not want to emphasize. If you would like to draw the attention away from the top half then consider a strapless number with a voluminous skirt adding more of an ‘A Line’ look, perfect for any bride, plus it gives you a chance to show off your wedding shoes. A friendly note to oneself, if you are more concerned about looking or being too slim, naturally you will not want to attract attention to certain areas and dresses and so we would advise not opting for those with a V neck.

See here a diverse range of beautiful dresses in all shapes and sizes ready to compliment you and your figure whatever that may be on your wedding day.


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