2016 Bridal dress belts: to cinch you in at the waist and add that extra special detail

  • Jesús Peiró.
  • Jesús Peiró.
  • Danes, Rosa Clará.
  • Inmaculada García.
  • Inmaculada García.
  • Jesús Peiró.
  • Medit, Aire Barcelona.
  • Nicole Spose 2016
    • Metafora, Aire Barcelona
    • Petrea Sash, Bhldn.
    • Pumila Bridesmaid Sash, Bhldn.
    • Pronovias
    • Rosa Clará
    • Rosa Clará
    • Gertrude, Houghton
    • Inmaculada García
    • Inmaculada García
    • Mael, Aire Barcelona
    • Marsella, Aire Barcelona
    • Pronovias.
    • Vela, Soft Rosa Clará
    • Cressida, Houghton.
    • Aurora, Alberta Ferretti.
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So you are bridal dress shopping, and you are certain you know what style you want! You excitedly arrive at the shop with your mum, sister and mother in law, you are sifting through the flowing white fabrics and then the dress maker suggests something completely different to the design you have been dreaming of.

Not convinced, and feeling a little overwhelmed by all the opinions and advice, you go into the changing room and sigh a deep breath of relief to be alone, only to be interrupted by the shop owner asking if you need help. So, you smile politely and welcome them in to ‘help’ you and all of a sudden they suggest an accessory that you were never considering, a beautiful crotched belt, adding detail, shape and that something a little different that you were not considering nor originally thinking of.

You comfortably and calmly slip into the wedding dress of your dreams and instantaneously feel like a blushing bride. Who would have thought that such a small detail would have such a big effect and make you feel so amazing. When leaving the changing area, the deep breaths, tears of joy and flowing compliments just confirm that this is the accessory for you.

Here are a selection of belts in different fabrics, sizes and that have different clasps to compliment you and take that ‘yes its nice’ wedding dress to the ‘OMG’ now I feel like a blushing bride wedding dress. A wedding belt adds detail and also shape to you and your outfit, but with it being a bespoke, once in a lifetime dress, you will feel comfortable, confident and combine the fashion with achieving the look you were hoping for.

Looking for something different and un assuming?? Take a peek at our gallery that will be sure to inspire and open your eyes to a whole new idea of wedding dress fashion. Also, if you want to combine accessories and are a fan of some of best 2016 wedding up do hairstyles, you can the belt with a beautiful broach.

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