2015 Wedding Prints: Romantic Liberty

2015 Wedding Prints: Romantic Liberty

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Most of you will have seen it before, but many of you won’t know its name. The wonderful Liberty print that was hugely en-trend in the 70’s, has many variations and colours and most of all… many fans. It has a bright, spring-like appearance, sometimes very feminine and it has that special touch that we often look for when considering decoration for a special event. Its origins are from the XIX century, when Arthur Lasenby Liberty decided to set up his own business selling fabrics and Japanese ornaments.

Today Liberty & Co is well known as an iconic department store in London with its own TV show. Liberty print is a general term that combines small floral prints with the Avant Garde and Art Nouveau. Classic styles for luxurious occasions.

A print like this can transform any type of wedding. It can be combined with other prints for a dramatic effect or quite the opposite, using it alone or with neutral tones to create a harmonious look and feel. How about a romantic and poetic wedding with this floral print? Have a look at this inspirational gallery because for 2015, Liberty is back!

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