2015 Shoes for original and chic wedding guests

2015 Shoes for original and chic wedding guests

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What’s the most appropriate type of shoe to wear to a wedding? Should it be something discreet? Should you think about comfort over style? We’ve all asked ourselves these questions before. There is no right or wrong answer. One thing we would advise, is to always stay true your personality and style and be sure that whatever type of shoe you choose it’s elegant and complements your look. The standard thing is to wear heels, but we’re seeing more and more glam flat sandals appearing at summer weddings.

So, should it be discreet? Weddings are no longer the strict, formal occasions they once used to be! We think guests that dare to bare all with bright colours and en-trend prints on their feet are super stylish.

Block heels, animal prints, metallic tones, Mary Jane’s… here you’ll find all of 2015’s amazing trends in footwear. These alternatives are perfect for glamorous, daring and modern wedding guests!

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