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We are Destination Wedding Planners & Designers, but above all, we are professionals who enjoy every adventure each happy couple takes us on.

Over the past 6 years, we have filled our circle map. If we decided to visit every country of all the couples we have worked with, we would travel around the world, though it might take a bit more than 80 days.

Wedding planning isn't a day trip; it's a long journey that must be meticulously planned down to the last detail, living each moment with excitement and anticipation. Our primary goal is for you to enjoy a stress-free wedding. We are here to help you achieve that.

Turn the planning process of your wedding into an unforgettable experience. We plan your wedding with you, as a team.

Are you pressed for time or simply want to consciously plan your wedding while enjoying all it has to offer and turn the planning process into part of your story? If so, you've come to the right place.

We don't plan your wedding for you; we plan it with you, always here to help make the right choices while looking out for your best interest. It isn't about handing you a to-do list to follow, but about creating a team and working together with FEELING.

You can count on our reliable, motivated, and synchronized team to successfully bring any project to life. The FEELING method is a planning system created by Your Wedding in Spain that provides a unique wedding planning experience, using 7 key concepts .

There are many decisions to make and numerous elements involved in wedding planning. What is possibly one of the most important days of your lives can get a bit stressful.

If you want to enjoy your wedding, why not have a professional plan your wedding WITH YOU . We will help you plan a stress-free event, and you can focus on the big day, from start to finish.

You decide your own level of involvement.

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Price range
What are your terms of payment?
We are flexible. We work according to our clients needs. Somos flexibles y nos adaptamos a las necesidades de nuestros clientes.
Do you directly receive payment from the couples you work with?
From the couple
Do you work exclusively with certain suppliers?
No restrictions
What is your starting price?
800 euros
Please tell us something interesting or unique about your business
We are specialised in Destination Weddings. We care not just about the couples but also about their guests helping them in different languages (English, French and Spanish). Somos especialistas en Bodas de Destino. Nos encargamos no solo de la pareja, sino también de los invitados ayudándoles en diferentes idiomas (Inglés, Francés y Español).
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