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I like to call myself a storyteller , a storyteller, a storyteller. This is because I am in love with people and true stories and with photography that has to do with life, that which speaks, harnesses time, guards loved ones and turns everything into memory. Because beyond the unquestionable artistic value of photography, the most profound role it has and that I most care about is this: being able to stop and preserve.

I love the real, intimate, direct images, the warm lights of the sunset, the breathtaking landscapes, the wind in the hair of the protagonists of my 'photo stories', the stolen moments, and above all the spontaneous and unconscious characters.

My style is a mix of reportage and creativity and mine are photographs collected on tiptoe but with eyes, ears and heart wide open. To gather everything that contains your wedding day and then give you back the joy, the people, the hugs, the smiles, the jokes, the details, the tears and kisses. All of them, still in an image, authentic and eternal, capable of making you feel exactly like the day you lived them.

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