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My name is Vanessa Serra and I take photographs. Today I am the sweet pledge to pay to my curiosity, tomorrow they will be memories for the subjects shot, but above all for me. My passion was born when I was very small, turning it into a job was a necessary pleasure. Now I'm ready to look at reality from the lens of my camera and offer it to those who want to see it with my eyes. When I portray people, I always try to imagine their history: their thoughts, their worries, their experiences. With photography, I try to tell it.

For me the photographs are like cherries, one leads to another. There are so many stories to tell and I like to discover them and make them discover. So, thanks to some collaborations, I approached the world of weddings. I believe that marriage is the point of maximum devotion between two people: two partners love each other, despite having two different paths behind them. Being able to put myself in this helps me to tell the best about the emotions that are lived that day, because I also live them, laughing and crying together with the spouses.

I am convinced that my involvement is helpful for me, but also for the couples who choose me: an emotion in fact calls another emotion, amplifying it. I like unconventional weddings: the wedding day must tell the bride and groom in every way, it must be a reflection of their personalities, especially when they concentrate tradition and a touch of strangeness together.

I am a street photographer, I like to capture the truth: gestures, expressions, everyday life. Those who choose me know that I don't like the posed; those who choose me must know that I would like to make them relive that day with a smile every time they look at my photographs.

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By lella.voi4
I used their services for my wedding

Thank you very much Vanessa Serra for the wonderful photo shooting we had in Polignano a Mare. I am very pleased with the photos. I appreciated how you interacted with us and the result was beyond our expectations. I strongly recommend vanessa_serra_photographer!

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By lorry.lit69
I used their services for my wedding

Relying on Vanessa means choosing innovation, class, spontaneity ... a snap in its essence ... it's choosing to rely on a professional who loves her job, it's choosing the humility with which she does it ... a photographer without equal, able to get the best out of you without ever being intrusive !!! The shots with which he immortalises every single emotion speak volumes about his way of working.

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By enia.ibi56
I used their services for my wedding

We turned to Vanessa on the advice of a florist friend, who had emphasized her sensitivity and extreme care for details ... Vanessa attended our party with her goals and danced with her machines around us for all the time, allowing us to see each other again through other eyes and relive the excitement of those moments ...

Thanks to her discretion, we hardly noticed her, but she was there, all the time, next to us!

Extraordinary !!

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un acconto per accettazione del contratto e infine saldo .
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massima discrezione e uno spiccato senso di creatività anche nei momenti più semplici . inoltre durante le cosiddette "esterne" il tempo massimo che impegniamo è di mezz'ora e non oltre, cosi che gli sposi possano raggiungere i loro ospiti in un tempo breve e corretto.
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non oltre 6/7 mesi.


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