Stocks is the brainchild of Jack and Amy Elles, creators of the brilliant street food success story that isThe Laughing Stock.  It is a catering company with class.  Based in Scotland, Stocks aims to bring something a little different to the table.

With a wealth of experience between them, Jack and Amy lead the kitchen in style and there’s
something about them that always gives an event the edge.  A little bit of magic.

Jack and Amy met while cooking in the Alps. Their mutual love of food has not only since inspired their marriage, but also allowed them to hatch an original culinary plan.

With extensive experience in kitchens such as Harrods, The Fat Duck and Moro, Amy's skills are second to none and are perfectly complemented by Jack's lifelong obsession with sourcing and cooking Scotland's finest wild produce – so it is perhaps unsurprising that they have since gone into business in a serious way.

 Having bought a VW transporter called Monty, they spent a year living and working on the Continent, sampling lots of regional produce and picking up local techniques en route. On their return the culinary rollercoaster continued and they went on to cook together in stately homes, villas in Greece and a Michelin restaurant in Santiago.  Along the way they also found time to privately cater for Raymond Blanc, Richard Branson and members of the Royal Family.  Tons of knowledge and practical skills were gathered, ready to be put to good use!

Over the years Jack and Amy have both spent time honing their skills at The Admiral Crichton, Mustard and Cally B, which are amongst the top private catering companies in Britain.  All this leaves them in a perfect position to stride out in their own direction at Stocks Events. 


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