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Peter Olvera: a photographer who breaks barriers ... Expert in reporting the most beautiful events in history ... Weddings. This photographer has a clear vision and is to create truly beautiful photographs. Capture with a click, the beauty of the moment and all the magic that runs through the body of the couple.

With an experience that he began to create since he was 16, thanks to the work of his family, he has been able to create images that steal the breath of all those who look at them. Photographs that steal a smile and that make you participate for a moment without even having been present. A young photographer who knows the meaning and the emotion of being a fundamental piece for the memories of the couple.

Peter Olvera is a romantic and passionate, who likes to get lost in the world of stories, and wedding photography allows you to delve into the most beautiful stories of your customers. Its main function is to freeze time in an image, create a memory that over the years maintains the essence of that moment. Photographs that make you feel the butterflies in your stomach again and make your heart beat hard.

He considers this work as one of the noblest vocations that can exist, because he loves to see the happy face of the couple when they see the result that he kept in his camera. Undoubtedly you must be part of your history, know him and enjoy his exceptional work.

Opinions about Peter Olvera Photographer

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By MauSald
I used their services for my wedding

We got married on November 14, 2015, and he was our photographer and without a doubt I can recommend him with his eyes closed. His art and professionalism is indisputable and besides that, his company gives you peace of mind in those moments of nerves.

Remember that the photographer is the one who is going to be accompanying you all that great day and it is essential to hire someone like Peter Olvera.

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