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Peach Perfect Weddings is a destination wedding agency offering tailor-made all-inclusive packages for elopements, vow renewals and intimate weddings across eight destinations in Europe:

  1. Ireland (incl. Northern Ireland)
  2. Italy
  3. France
  4. Spain
  5. Portugal
  6. Austria
  7. Germany
  8. Switzerland

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Opinions about Peach Perfect Weddings

4.0 3 reviews
By Bummed
I used their services for my wedding

Brides beware! I didn't do my research, I was just delighted to have a date for a wedding abroad. We booked 2 weeks before COVID lockdown, but as my husband and I are reasonable people, we thought we would be able to work it out. We were forced to move back the wedding date because of COVID, and were told if we wanted to move it again, because of COVID, we had to pay 20% more. We refused, and began to talk about cutting our losses with Yana. Her team told us all of the money was spent, but could not prove that she had actually booked anything for us.  When I asked for reciepts, she said she didn't have to provide them. Yana already had 4,000 dollars from us (American) and we had only emailed her planner. We had a location, a photographer, and a celebrant. None of which we had had a conversation with. It was a wedding for 2 people total. After speaking with people who had worked with them previously, I learned Peach Perfect pays people after the ceremony. Look at the dates of reviews. They are all old. I have hope that this company was once legitimate, but once the pandemic has started, it is a company with interests only in grifting money from naive couples. Also, the company is out of Bulgaria. Not London. If you want a wedding, call a hotel and see what they will accommodate for you, or who they would recommend. Don't use Peach Perfect. Yana has made a business model from the pandemic by charging people and delivering nothing. 

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By Amanda
I used their services for my wedding

Brides, please avoid this wedding planning company at all costs if you can. My fiance and I had a wedding in South West France planned for May 22nd 2021 coming from the US (Chicago). Unrelated but in addition to COVID, I found out my father has terminal stage 4 cancer and would not be able to make it to France in the spring. We had to make the gut-wrenching decision to cancel our wedding in France and book something close to home. Peach Perfect has refused to return any of the money paid to date - over 7000 Euros (I can't even translate into USD without feeling sick). Not a cent, not even a small act of good will.

Our planner, Philip, was kind enough to help us cancel our venue contract and help us get our deposit back with the venue. This review is less about Philip's planning skills and more about the heartlessness of a company that is supposed to be built on love. We did not use any of their services except for Philip's planning, as far as I am aware the only vendor "booked" was a DJ as they were waiting to book other vendors until we got closer to the date. Peach Perfect has kept my family's money and made it harder for us to have a wedding in a year that is already (hopefully) the worst of my life.

In the day and age we are living in, please try and find a planner that offers compassion and flexibility.

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By Nathalie
I used their services for my wedding

First things first: if you’re planning a destination wedding, you need Yana from Peach Perfect Weddings!

Without Yana, we would not have been able to pull off such an amazing 4-day wedding celebration in Brittany, France, from Sydney, Australia.

Yana is switched-on, smart and super organised. Every little detail, every invoice and anything else that was relevant was documented through an online application we all shared access to. We had no idea that planning a wedding was going to be so much work, but Yana made everything simple. We didn’t feel stressed during the year we spent planning and we were able to enjoy our day without worrying about anything, because we knew Yana had it all under control. Yana has a wealth of experience as to what works for a wedding and what doesn’t – whenever our ideas for the celebrations were not workable, Yana was able to come up with an alternative solution that still stayed true to our vision.

From start to finish, Yana and her team were professional, helpful, understanding and always on top of everything. Dealing with suppliers was challenging at times to say the least but we had no reason to be worried as we knew Yana had it all under control. Yana was available whenever we needed her and always happy to go the extra mile. She even travelled to our venue and returned with amazing video footage to help us picture the surroundings and plan our setup since we couldn’t make it.

We loved working with Yana, she’s a beautiful person and fantastic to work with. She has exceeded our expectations, hiring her was the best decision we could have made.

- Nathalie & Mahesh

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Packages start from approx. €4000
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Over 300 couples already planned their wedding with us, we have over 1200 wedding venues in Europe on our files and we have 100% positive reviews on Facebook!
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6+ years


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